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1. Teach your boys and girls to eat foods that will keep the colon healthy. Teach them to eat foods that will keep their blood pressure normal. Teach your kids that their teeth were created to last a lifetime. Also teach them that candy and other high sugar foods and liquids will decay their teeth and cause other health problems.

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2. Gardening in your neighborhood:

Teach your kids how to grow vegetables, collard greens, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, color bell peppers, eggplants, broccoli, zucchini, ginger root, red and white potatoes. Teach them how important farming is to all people, without farming people cannot survive!

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3. Teach your kids that God created something out of nothing and they can create something out of what God has already created.

4. Teach your kids to become entrepreneurs in their neighborhood. Owners of grocery stores, car lots, party stores, gas stations, cleaners, fish markets, brake shops, beauty supply and dollar stores, etc.. Teach your kids buying from each other will keep your money circulating in your neighborhood.

5. Righteousness:

Teach your kids to always stand for what is right in their neighborhood. Teach them that DRUGS destroy a Community. Home invasion and car theft are two reasons home and car insurance rates are higher in some neighborhood. This statistic also causes the property values to drop.

6. Money:

Teach your kids that their money has more value than what another person has to sell. Use your buying power; don’t buy it if the price is too high.

7. High blood pressure:

Teach your kids that high blood pressure affect your kidneys, brain, heart, etc. Teach them how to prevent the problems.

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8. Arguing:

Teach your kids to solve an argument in the neighborhood without a fight.

9. Teach your kids to always respect themselves, other people and their neighborhoods.

10. Teach your kids there is a time to clean their environment, a time to study, a time to work and a time to play. Teach them to always do their best!

11. Teach your kids; brothers and sisters should never, never, never fight each other. Also never let anyone or anything divide them as a family.

12. Teach your kids to always, always, always obey the law wherever they are!

13. Voting:

Teach your kids when they become eligible to vote; be sure to register and vote for people who has neighborhood safety as their priority.

14. Trash and cigarettes:

Put trash and cigarette butts in the garbage can! Never in your yard, street or in your neighbors yard. Remember: Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

15. Teach your kids to master the subject of English. By mastering this subject you will be able to read, write, comprehend and speak well. Life is less stressful for people who has a n education!

16. Teach your kids to do what they can. God will help them do what they can not do.

17. Church:

Join a Church that takes the tithes of the Members and invest it. Then the Church takes the earnings from the investments and give 25% to the Pastor, 25% to the Church and the remaining 50% give to the tithers.

18. Males and Females always talk to each other with respect.

19. Truancy:

Ask your Police precinct to patrol your neighborhood for kids skipping school. Crime begins with school truancy.

20. Pets:

Teach your pet to respect the neighborhood. Teach your dog when and when not to bark. Teach your pet to poop in certain areas. Always put your dog poop in a plastic bag before you put it in your garbage can. This will keep the air smelling better in our neighborhoods!


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21. Healthy people make better neighborhoods:

Teach your kids to drink 4 to 8 glasses of water per day and to eat an apple a day to keep the Doctor away. Sit down with your kids and Google what artificial coloring and preservatives do to the human body.

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22. Teach your kids to have a DREAM DAY! Teach them to visualize themselves being happy, healthy and prosperous.


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